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61st death anniversary of genius Saadat Hasan Manto today


LAHORE: 61st Death anniversary of probably the most celebrated short story writer of sub-continent Sadat Hasan Manto being observed today.


Manto was born in May 11, 1-12. His life turned when he met journalist named Abdul Bari Alig, who introduced him to French and Russian literature.

Other than short stories, Manto wrote one novel, three collections of essays, two collections of personal sketches on different personalities, 3 series of radio plays and a series of letter to ‘Uncle Sam’.

Through his writing, Manto openly touched subjects which is considered Taboo even in this day and age, but did it and so as result, he was charged for obscenity five times during his life.

Acknowledging the work of Matno, on his fiftieth death anniversary, Government of Pakistan issued a postage stamp. and on 14 August, 2012, he was awarded Nishan-e-Imitaz ( Highest level of civilian award by Pakistan).


Work by Manto,  Atishpare (1936), Manto Ke Afsane (1940), Dhuan (1941), Afsane Aur Drame (1943), Laazat-e-Sang (1948), Chughd (1948), Siyahhasiye (1948), Badshahat ka Khatimah (1950), Khali Botlein (1950), Namrud ki Khudai (1950), Thanda Gosht (1950), Yazid (1951), Parde ke Pichhe (1953), Sarak ke Kinare (1953), Baghair Unwan ke (1954), Baghair Ijazt (1955), Burque (1955), Phundne 1955, Sarkandon ke Pichhe (1955), Shaitan (1955), Shikari Auratein (1955), Ratti, Masha, Tolah (1956), Tahira se Tahir (1971), Kaali Shalwar (1961), Manto ke Behtreen Kahanian (1963).


At the age of 42 on 18 January 1955, Manto died in Lahore.

Epitaph on Manto’s grave

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