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400,000 laptop-cum-tablets to be distributed under PM Youth Laptop Scheme in next phase


Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Program coordinator Romina Khurshed Alam said that 400,000 laptop-cum-tablets would given to students in Pakistan next year.


During an interview in Radio Pakistan on Thursday, she said Government covets to provide all resources to the youth for further improving their capability.

On a question, the coordinator said that a Pakistan based company is making laptop-cum-tablet and their local production will also provide job opportunity for the youth. She also said that an internship program is to be started within few months across the country to benefit many students.


About distribution of laptops, she said that merit is being ensured and the stuff is provided without any discrimination. She said that FATA students will be provided with maximum facilities under PM’s Youth scheme.

Romina said that youth of the country is the hop of new Pakistan and under Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s vision, they are attempting to provide all the possible opportunities to the youth.

Earlier, Shehbaz Sharif launched the Youth Program during his previous regime in Punjab. Under that schemes and programs, a great number of Pakistani youth have been facilitated with opportunities that could lead them pursue their destination.

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