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280 confirmed deaths by rains, floods throughout country so far


ISLAMABAD: At least 280 citizen have lost their lives due to the heavy rains and drastic floods in the country so far, the spokesman for Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Ahmad Kamal told on Friday. Whereas more than 500 were injured.


He further added that more than two million people had been affected in the ongoing crisis.

The statement emerged when military specialists blew up dykes in central Pakistan to divert the engorged rivers to save cities from furious floods.


Most of the breaches at the overflowing Chenab River carry out yesterday’s night when flood water approached Multan. Television channels showed footages of floodwaters gushing through the blown up dykes.

Another gap was breached near Shershah Bridge today’s morning as a result of which water was rapidly flowing into towns in the vicinity. Consequently, dozens of villages have been flooded.

Civil and military officials have been using helicopters and boats to evacuate marooned people since September 3, when floods triggered by monsoon rains hit Pakistan.

A statement by military told on Saturday that it was still evacuating people and air dropping food in the districts of Multan, Muzaffargarh and Jhang.

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