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10 inspirational CEOs of Pakistan


Being ambitious, you can achieve the level of achievement in any field you are in. So, following such sort of rules, number of Pakistani genius and hardworking business leaders have come under spotlight. In the list below, we have rounded up some of the top CEOs belong to Pakistan. Let us see them briefly.


Faheem Ahmad (JCR-VIS)

Although not very popular, JCR-VIS is considered to be one of two credit rating companies in Pakistan. Faheem Ahmad has been working her since its launch back in 1997. After four years of his joining, Faheem took part in the set up of the Islamic International Rating Agency in Bahrain. It was Faheem who launched Pak Ujala, a solar solution in the cold storage network. In 2013 he was chosen as Chairman of the Board of ACRAA (Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia), the first ever Pakistani to be selected for this post.

Sarfaraz Rehman (Engro Foods)

Although Sarfaraz Reham is no longer the CEO of the company his voluntarily leaving the company convinced us to add him into this list. The very thing that makes us pick up Sarfaraz for this spot is the fact that it was he who took the company to a 40+ billion business when it was struggling for its existence among the giants like Unilever and Nestle. Although Engro Foods was launched in 2006 it took considerable time to mark its name in household.

Javed Afridi (Haier Manufacturing Unit)

As a CEO of Haier Manufacturing Unit, Javed had won the best CEO award given at CEO Summit Asia 2015. As it has been observed during International Cricket events Pakistan Cricket Team is sponsored by Haier, it is Javed Afridi who has been sponsoring them number of times in last couple of days.

NadeemHussain (Tameer Microfinance Bank)

The reason why Nadeem is in this list is the fact that he is the pioneer of branchless banking in Pakistan, with Easy Paisa, TMB was set up in 2005 and had been awarded as a leader of the year at the sixth annual Global Microfianance achievement Awards 2011 held in Geneva.. He is the founder, president and CEO of Tameer Microfianance Bank.

Ehsan A. Malik (Unilever Pakistan)


Unilever has a strong grip on the products dedicated for household use in Pakistan. Although the company was going pretty well before Ehsan’s joining in 2006 his leadership had given the company a growth 3 times higher as compared to previous in business terms.

Musharaf Hai (L’Oreal Pakistan)

Musharaf Hai possesses an advantage among other CEOs since she was the first Pakistan woman to hold the position as a CEO of Unilever Pakistan but she left the company and launched L’Oreal Pakistan. It was a sort of challenge for her to establish L’Oreal among already established brands in Pakistan. But her dedication and hard work as a leader had given the company a brilliant growth. The company has established indigenous production and at the moment the company has a sustainable market share of about 10%.

Roshaneh Zafar (Kashf)

While working at the World Bank, she planned to launch her own organization and emerged as a Managing Director of Kashf Foundation that was launched by her. The foundation has spread its work to Sindh, KPK and Balochistan under her leadership. The company is a sort of women-oriented since it provides micro-finance to female-led businesses and start-ups to motivate female entrepreneurship in low-income areas.

Jon Seward (Coca-Cola)

John Seward is credited with taking the Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited (CCBPL) to hold 50% shares of the market competing Pepsi that used to hold 80% before John took hold of CCBPL. That very thing makes John one of the top CEOs in Pakistan.

Farees Shah (Daraz.pk)

Farees Shah is the Co-Founder of Daraz.pk that has revolutionized the online shopping scenario in Pakistan after its start in 2012. Daraz.pk is one of the top websites that mostly online shoppers prefer for shopping as it includes a huge variety of products belonging to various companies.

Junaid Iqbal (Elixir Securities)

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a degree in Economics, Mr Junaid kicked off his career as an Energy Trader with American Electric Power in Columbus, Ohio. It was Junaid who helped establishing ‘Tezi Mandee’, the first Pakistan livestock market show on Geo TV. He also worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as Head of Financial Analysis and Official Spokesperson.

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