Pakistan has a new prime minister

Pakistan Parliament on Monday elect New Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, after voting for Distrust To the former, Imran Khan, who was elected in 2018 with the Nationalist and Populist Movement of the Pakistan Party: Replacing the Prime Minister puts a temporary end to the political crisis that has been going on for weeks, which was mainly related to the loss of political support for Khan.

Sharif, the new prime minister, is 70 and was the leader of the opposition to Khan’s government. He is the head of the conservative liberal Muslim League in Pakistan and was previously the governor of Punjab province. He is also the younger brother of Nawaz Sharif, the three-time Prime Minister of Pakistan who was later convicted of corruption after he ended up in what is calledPanama PapersThese are documents published by an international journalistic investigation in 2016 that included thousands of information about financial transactions in tax havens by various personalities around the world.

On Monday, in protest of Sharif’s election, one hundred MPs from Khan’s party resigned: there will soon be a by-election to replace them.

Like his brother, Sharif has excellent relations with the very powerful army of Pakistan and has a great influence on political life. Also due to the frequent incursions of the military into the country, no prime minister has so far been able to reach the natural end of his term.

According to various analyzes, relations with the army also played a very important role in the political crisis that led to the replacement of Khan: with the army, Khan was Clashes of various kinds, some linked to the gradual expulsion of Pakistan from the United States (which, though With a lot of mystery and duplicity, Pakistan has traditionally been an ally) and approach to China. pakistan army has Very close relationships With the Americans, and with them, according to Michael Kugelman Foreign PolicyYou may wish to continue cooperating to counter Islamic extremism in the region (which is the victory of the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan Contributed to excite).

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Sharif is the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan. He will now form a government that is expected to last until the next elections, scheduled for August 2023.

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