Padua Marathon Gala

Padua Marathon

48 countries have already participated, and for the first time, full registration for the two races took place one week before the event

Everything is ready for a great edition of the Padua Marathon. A little more than a week after the due date on the bill on Sunday, April 23rd, the golf club “La Montecia” in Silvazano Dentro was the magnificent stage for the event’s annual gala. President of Assindustria Sport Roberto Gasparetto He was thus able to make toasts in front of about 150 guests, including authorities, sponsors and athletes, and thank everyone for their precious collaboration in making an event that happily includes the entire “Padua System”.

“After all, with this appointment we continue our journey among the excellence of the region,” Gasparetto recalled during the evening, assuring that the maximum registrations for the two races (the marathon that will start from the Eugenio stadium and the half marathon start from Abano Terme (while it continues Advance sales of Stracittadines at full speed.) Basically there will be 4,000 athletes at the start of the two competitive tests, to which must be added the many enthusiasts who will take part in the non-competitive races. «The spirit that drives us is precisely this: the desire to combine the sporting event with the promotion of the region , drawing the attention of the world to the city and the province of Padua. And I say “the world” not by chance, because as we continue to participate, there is a fact that makes us particularly proud: there are already 48 countries that will be present at the start with their athletes and I think we will probably reach 50.

The countries most represented after Italy are Malta, Israel, Croatia and France, but we will also have runners from Brazil, the United States and even from Japan, China, Australia and the Philippines. I quote these statistics to show the visibility the event gives and what the contribution is to the county’s GDP. I can’t reveal the names of the best runners yet, because we’re working out the final details, but there will be athletes of international level not only in the marathon but also in the half. The boom in enrollment shows that there is a great desire to return to normal life and that Padova has resumed with its race.”

There were entertaining moments during the ceremony, starting with the wonderful performance he gave Beatrice CujoAnd a local and Italian athlete and world champion in pole sport. It is no coincidence that the ceremony was held thanks to the partner’s significant contribution KPM extension, it was also a meeting moment. Several interventions, including that of Selvazzano Dentro’s sports advisor Albertus Flaminioby the Sports Adviser of the Municipality of Padua Diego Bonavena and President of Confindustria Veneto Est Leopold is right, who concluded the meeting by emphasizing: «Confindustria Veneto Est is the only association of industrialists in Italy to support a major sports club, Assindustria Sport. She does this because she undoubtedly believes in the educational value of sport and because she wants to give as many young people as possible a chance to believe in the future.

Girls and boys who, at Assindustria Sport, grow up receiving maximum friendship, competence, technical assistance and human assistance even before playing sports. It doesn’t matter if they become champions or not, but the challenges they face on the track will prepare them to overcome the ones they face in life. Because this is where we want them to be heroes in life. From this point of view, the ideals that animate our action are best embodied in the Padua Marathon, an event par excellence inclusive, capable of involving world stars, ordinary people, high-level athletes and – through Stracittadine – families, young people, children and the elderly. At the same time we participate in it the best franchisees, thanks to a skilful teamwork that has important social, cultural and tourism implications and that builds on initiatives established in collaboration with the municipality, the province and the Chamber of Commerce – through Venicepromex. We have all been able to create a system that gives strength to a region that looks to the future with confidence. Also thanks to his race ».

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