Padel, a parade of dignitaries and former players of Viterbo Arsenal

Viterbo Arsenal is talked about with fields full of VIP players. On Tuesday, the sports center “Viterbo Arsenal It hosted well-known faces from the world of Italian football and television, giving life to an event unique in the history of Viterbo Padel.

There are many structural projects for a few months It paved the way for a new concept of sports. The main concept is not to be limited to one discipline, but to integrate different attitudes that can lead people to more complete training and enjoyment.

How many guests and stars in Vip Padel

The facility is equipped with Eight table tennis courts, six of which are indoor, gym, fitness area, wellness area with spa, restaurant, bar and medical aesthetic clinic. A triumph of diversity and wide choice for those who want to train, have fun and have the opportunity to concentrate different activities in one place.

The guests who attended the “Vip Padel” at Arsenale Viterbo were: Paolo Di Canio, Vincent Candela, Luca Marchegiani, Luigi Di Biagio, Dario Marcollin, Sarah Croce, Jimmy Guion, Chiara Giuffrida, Astrid Ericsson and Andrea Maestrelli. The club has many projects, as well as the desire to bring the prestige of this magnificent structure to greater heights.

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