Paddling, Frédérique Rol and Patricia Merz take the pass to Tokyo

The last 29 places for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo were awarded in the Rutsi Basin in Lucerne. Russia with 5, Canada with 4, and the Czech Republic with 3 benefited the most. Switzerland was present at this date with two crews. At the last moment, the spouses had to lose due to the positivity of one of the crew members.

The long-awaited dream has become a reality for the “light” female gays of Frederick Rule and Patricia Mears. In an exciting race, Rossocrociato, the second semi-final winner, thanks to a fatal enemy, managed in the final season to enter second place just 96/100 ahead of the formation of the United States. “The match plan that we had drawn up with the coach had worked perfectly. We were worried about our behavior, forgetting what was happening around us.” This is what the Red Cross athlete told us at the end of the test. In Tokyo, Switzerland will be present with 4 kits, in addition to the aforementioned women’s lightweight pair, we will have the Zurich singles Janine Gamelin at the start, the duo Barnaby Dilarzi and Roman Roussley and the four without the male elite from Andrin. Jolesh, Joel Schwarch, Paul Jacot, and Marcus Kessler.

The already weak hopes of Andrei Strozina and Jan Schauble for a pair of men with a maximum of 72.5 kg were already shattered in the first 500 meters. The race was based on the thrilling battle between Canada, the Czech Republic and China, ranked in order in an area of ​​just over 1 “, who had won the last three passes for Japan. For Struzina and Schüble, the Olympic dream was postponed to only 2024 on the occasion of the Paris Games.

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