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Views preview – Among the many innovations that the Renault Group will display at the Paris Motor Show (October 17-23, 2022), there will also be the innovations of the division crowdresponsible for car sharing and services related to sustainable mobility, which we have been able to see and touch first hand.

And the “climate”? – The first modernity is Duo crowd (In the pictures above), or the heir to the Renault Twizy, presented in two versions: at a limited speed of 80 km / h and 45 km / h (the second car can also be driven with a light motorcycle license). 50% of this quadricilo is made from recycled materials and will be available, Only in car sharingAnd the From the end of 2023. Like Twizy, it has two “synonymous” seats but with Renault, there are only 10% of the components in common (rear suspension and a little more). It is equipped with doors that open up and a front airbag, but it does not have ABS and “climate” (and the door windows open only partially). However, there will be some form of forced ventilation. They all have a mobile phone holder with a built-in charging system: the mobile phone is used not only for booking and unlocking the car, but also for navigation and music, by connecting it to the car via Bluetooth.

Also for delivery – being Duo crowd A compact car that goes through many hands, it has been designed with you thinking above all about ease of construction (the frame is in welded steel tubes), repair (not surprisingly the front and rear bumpers are identical) and cleaning. The trunk is missing, but there is a carriage on each side of the driver’s seat. Passenger version will follow 2024 alternative for delivery a call Pinto (In the picture above), where a 700-liter bin replaces the rear seat.

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Relax vs. Mobilize also introduced its own European express freight network: it’s called Express shipping packing It tentatively expects to create 200 zones by mid-2024 in France, Italy, Belgium and Spain. These are stations (In the picture above) where, while the vehicle is being charged, passengers can rest inside, taking advantage of soft armchairs and sofas, something to read and perhaps even a coffee. Open 24 hours a day, it will be located just off motorway exits and be usable by anyone, thanks to the fact that it is compatible with existing apps and services.

The future really – another novelty crowd solo (In the picture aboveA one-seat electric vehicle, driven while standing, with a speed limit of 25 km/h. It is an alternative to electric scooters: the steering wheel is the rear wheel and it is a concept, as there is still no legislation for this type of vehicle. Mobilize Ileo is instead a premise of a multifunctional charging point, which is easy to place and can integrate charging pads, bicycle parking spaces (also for recharging electrical units), tables and more.

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