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Monitor 2 she has surprised everyone with release Which seems conclusively powerful and which seems to confirm the correctness of the choices made to the game, proposed as you know in a free-to-play format and thus free to download, but at the same time with an inescapable system of microtransactions.

Of course, as it often happens, we found ourselves faced with debuting between controversy: Those with access problems to hacked servers, first of all, but also the usual calculations about how much one should spend to get all the items. The little detail that always gets overlooked: get it without playing.

Overwatch 2 has received excellent grades, and is currently presenting itself as a producer It is clearly incomplete And it’s easy to think that Blizzard chose Early Access precisely to protect itself from any criticism. However, if construction sites were all so beautiful, we would live in a better (video game) world.

The overall feeling is that this sequel has actually been known big lift Those elements that contributed to the success of the original Overwatch, polishing off the mechanics where necessary and once again giving us a roster full of very well-characterized characters, who feature skills and equipment.

Overwatch 2, one of the new characters in the action
Overwatch 2, one of the new characters in the action

It’s no coincidence that the (few) less enthusiastic reviews of Overwatch 2 are pointing their finger at No specific newswhen replicating the formula that many users have literally consumed by investing hundreds of hours in it, while the unprecedented single-player campaign will debut only within 2023.

However, it is clear that a similar experience must rest on solid foundations built in the past in order to look forward to taking steps forward, without revolutionizing everything and risking the loss of those components that seem to have invaded the common people again.

Overwatch 2, some of the characters in the game
Overwatch 2, some of the characters in the game

The same audience who finds themselves in a line with 50,000 players in front of them to get to a game: when things are like this and you decide to wait anyway, that’s really love. what do you think? Do you enjoy Overwatch 2? How do you see the future of the Blizzard shooter? Let’s talk about.

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