Overwatch 2 has already lost almost all of its Twitch viewers, in just one week –

Monitor 2 In an experimental format and achieved rapid success Twitch, perhaps also thanks to the fact that test codes were shared as droplets during the live broadcast. After just one week, the game has lost almost all of its viewers on the streaming platform.

We remember that Overwatch 2 touched more 1.4 million viewers contemporaries, thus entering the Twitch Top 10 of all time for the gaming aspect. However, it appears that the bulk of the excitement was related to the news and the possibility of obtaining beta code. Within a week, the number of spectators had dropped dramatically, to the point where it was almost canceled.

Some heroes from Overwatch 2

Dexerto reports on the numbers 1400 spectators At the time of writing, the number is between 1600 and 1700. Obviously, the decline is normal, but the difference between the peak and the current numbers is significant.

Audience reactions to the Overwatch 2 beta have been mixed, with positive comments and various criticisms specific to this version’s issues. Not surprisingly, Blizzard decided to explain what would change in the beta after players’ feedback, acknowledging the approval of many fans’ opinions.

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