Outriders, patch didn’t fix a bug that makes stock vanish, fans are outraged –

Despite the quick tackle of People Can Fly, the Outriders They have a lot of inconvenience. Server problems before and annoying bugs now plague this amazing experience. If Insult is added to damage, Outriders mode gets extremely complex. Although the building is, in fact, the last one patch Outriders did not fix his bug Inventory disappears completelyWhich increases the players’ anger.

In a game where the accumulation of resources and armor is key to the gameplay, having a bug that permanently erases everything collected is not a pleasant thing. Polish People Can Fly developers have worked hard for one release Grosa patch After launch. An update that was supposed to attack problems with the game’s servers, but also fix the bug that plagued players’ inventories.

The stock is important in the Outriders and losing it all gets players angry.

In fact, day after day, many found themselves robbed of everything they painstakingly accumulated in long hours of gameplay. Moreover, it is not yet known if and when these players will be able to review their holdings, but what is certain is that in the meantime they will not be able to play as they want. To make matters worse there is one Side note Who says “things recovered.” They may not have the same characteristics Of those missing, “which sparked further disputes.

People Can Fly apparently said that she is “extremely sorry” about what happened and is gathering new information to understand what went wrong. While waiting to understand how the situation is developing, we remind you that Outriders Correction also corrects interference play.

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