‘Our mobility must change’: Bibop Gresta on the future of transport with Hyperloop

How will technological development promote and support such a radical change in the world of transportation? What is the role of a hyperloop?
In this vision, technology will play a fundamental role because it will allow us to have increasingly smarter and advanced customers who do very interesting things, such as covering communications across oceans underwater, connecting the nerve centers of the planet through pressurized tubes and reaching extremely high speeds that correspond to significant energy savings. . They will be sophisticated machines, capable of carrying the passenger, cleverly joining or separating other capsules to bring him as close as possible to his final destination. It is somewhat similar to modern elevators that by typing the number of the floor you want to reach, artificial intelligence sends the closest elevator capable of serving the largest number of people waiting in the building. Here, the future of transportation will be like a horizontal elevator. This future, I’m not just envisioning, but we’re also discussing and realizing with the first stage of the Hyperloop which, in fact, uses capsules that move inside a pressurized tube. At some point, these capsules, or rather the aforementioned “agents”, will be produced by car manufacturers now. The concept of owning a car will gradually diminish. Today, if we consider that an average population growth of 6% corresponds to 14% more cars per year, then it is clear that we are heading towards saturation of all roads. It’s crazy.

This vision, of course, requires a lot of international cooperation between the public and private sectors to reach a truly global level of interdependence and efficiency. How will it happen?
Together with Hyperloop, we are today aggregating the supply chain, and the value chain. However, there are many other companies that are very sensitive and therefore competition and cooperation is forming to develop the future agent. And this is the great challenge, the challenge as I call it, human-centred. The car with the highest performance will not win anymore, but the one who will be able to regain the taste of travel will win. Let’s give back to man the time he now spends driving to devote to creativity, entertainment or comfort.

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