“Our health is not a commodity”: more than a hundred protesters have been protesting in Mantua Square to defend public health

Writings and slogans targets, regional law 23 of 2015 (Maronite law) and patents for vaccines. Law 23 is guilty among other things – according to the commission – for having dismantled an old Asl

Mantua. The Commission on the Right to Health in Mantua rallied again yesterday afternoon (29 May) in Sordello Square, in defense of public health services and the suspension of private health care, which is very present in Lombardy, and “and in Mantua for about half of the sector”. Numerous associations and social parties intervened, and many speakers and speakers – in front of an audience of nearly a hundred people holding placards and banners. One for all: “Health is not a commodity.” Writings and slogans targets, regional law 23 of 2015 (Maronite law) and patents for vaccines. Law 23 is guilty among other things – according to the commission – of dismantling the old Asl, favoring hospitals and destroying local medicine in the area with the possibility of home care, with doctors and other dedicated health workers. Then the patents, “responsible for allowing the fate of the planet’s population to be in the hands of the boards of directors of a few powerful multinational pharmaceutical companies that have nevertheless managed to produce vaccines thanks to the public above all money.”

Just as private profits should decline, while allowing the largest possible number of people to be saved globally, and in the same way, in the domestic sphere, public health had to bear the full burden of the Covid epidemic, “while health is a private company that saved, through Charging itself, only the services that it thought it could provide ».

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Angelo Barbato, President of the National Forum on the Right to Health, summarized the situation in the future: abolishing Law 23 and replacing it with a new law based on “analyzing the health needs of citizens and, through these goals, setting health goals and not. A donation.” In addition to the ability of the municipalities to intervene in the regional socio-health plans, a demand also mentioned by the mayor of Pozzuolo Giuseppe Torchio. Regional Adviser Andrea Villaskunaro said that on Tuesday 1 June in the region, we will start discussing the proposed amendment to the Lombard Health Act. Among other speakers, Vittorio Anoletto, the Italian spokesman for the ICE (European Citizens Initiative) intervened over the phone to collect one million signatures to force the European Commission to suspend vaccine patents. Fausto Panzi of the Right to Health Committee has finally attacked the outsourcing of health services and the spread of regionalism “which increases inequality also in the field of health.”

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