Our drivers sometimes have to pee bottles –

Ultimately came an Amazon apology: True, delivery people can sometimes be forced to pee in plastic bottles. A scene reminiscent of Ken Loach’s latest movie, Sorry, we missed you, Which tells these details, so you don’t waste time on deliveries. The giant founded by Jeff Bezos, after repeatedly denying it, this time admits it and is also committed to improving workers’ conditions. We know – Amazon explains in a note posted on a blog – that sometimes our drivers may have problems finding a toilet due to traffic or sometimes because they drive on roads in rural areas, and this is especially during an epidemic period when there are many public restrooms closed. .


And so Amazon apologized to US Democratic Representative Mark Buchan. He’s the one who accused the e-commerce giant of forcing its drivers to pee in plastic bottles, so as not to waste time when delivering the goods: Paying $ 15 an hour to employees doesn’t mean it’s a sophisticated workplace issue, especially if you force them to pee in plastic bottles, as the congressman wrote, Indicating how much the Democrats in America want the minimum wage for. Amazon vehemently rejected the accusations. And who in the end admitted not only his responsibility, but also how his denial was his own goal. Also because, meanwhile, the US media has collected many testimonials from Amazon employees who have confirmed this. Amazon clarified the problem of the old drivers: We want to solve the problem. We don’t know how, but we’ll look for solutions.

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April 4, 2021 (Change to April 4, 2021 | 02:41)

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