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Video games help improving human mood: Study


Playing video games for at least 20 minutes after a long working day can be a quite helpful in relieving from stress, study reveals.


The study, published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour, however, said that playing games featuring violence to bust stress may not be providing with the same pleasant results as they increase aggressiveness in human mood.

The author of the study Professor Karyn Riddle from University of Wisconsin-Madison and his two graduate students looked at how video games may be used to organize emotions.

The participants of the search included 82 undergraduate communication students. Half of them were asked to play a frustrating video game while the other half went directly to the next level of study avoiding frustrating game.

The frustrating game was engineered to be almost impossible to complete, however, the participants were let to consider they should be able to go through all the levels within 10 minutes.


All of them afterwards played for 18 minutes either a violent or a non-violent game and then filled out a questionnaire about their emotions and feelings about the game.

The research team then came to know that frustrated players were stimulated to progress farther in the games, which decreased their frustration and elevated feelings of competency. This proceeding of emotional restoration increased players’ enjoyment of both games.

On the other hand, those players who highly enjoyed the violent game manifested an inclination to perceive the world in an more opposed way than those who played the non-violent game.

To conclude, the upshot of the study suggests that video games can be utilized to manage negative emotions, but doing so with violent games might not produce desired results.

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