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Trailer of CR-7’s biopic ‘Ronaldo’ blasted internet


“He doesn’t know what means to lose”


This is why he is Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s not merely a footballer, he has become a true inspiration behind many pessimists.

The above quoted line is taken from the trailer of his biopic ‘Ronaldo’. The trailer has raised much anticipation among his fans.

The trailer opens up with Ronaldo’s fans cheering for him ‘Cristiano… Cristiano’ and he comes up gently moving from the dugout of Real Madrid C.F, wearing number 9 shirt. The film is a presentation of Universal Motion pictures, will be hitting the screens on November 9.


Cristiano Ronaldo who won 3rd Ballon d’Or of his career in January this year, in trailer he’s also seen realizing his friends that he is the best player in the world till January next year till the next Ballon d’ Or will be awarded.

The film features Ronaldo’s family and in trailer her mother tells about how much difficult it was to make what Ronaldo is today.

If we look into the trailer, we can mainly divide it in three parts, in first cheers for Ronaldo and he enters, the second one he is seen playing and stoking some awesome goals, the third one recalls Ronaldo’s early life and struggle to become a footballer.

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