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Top 10 Biggest Dams in Pakistan – Here is the List


At present there are over 150 dams in Pakistan as per report of International Commission on Large Dams. According to report of International Commission on Large Dams, there are 150 dams of 15 meter of height of 49 ft. are in Pakistan. Pakistan has also the advantage of having two largest dams in the world namely Tarbela Dam ranked first and Mangla Dam ranked seven.


Here is the list of top ten Pakistani dams.

Mangla DamMangla-DAM

Construction Started: 1961

Completed: 1967

Located on: Jhelum River

Height: 147 meters or 482 ft.

Length: 3,140 meters or 10,302 ft.

Cost: $1.473 billion

Tarbela DamTarbela-DAM

Started: 1968

Completed: 1976

Located on: Indus River

Height: 143.26 meters or 470ft.

Length: 2,743.2 meters or 9,000 ft.

Cost: $1,497 million


Started: 1963

Completed: 1981

Located on: Hub River

Height: 48 meters or 157 ft.

Length: 24,300 acres

Cost: Rs. 1,191.81 million

Mirani DamMirani-DAM

Started: 2002

Completed: 2006

Located on: Dasht River

Height: 39 meters or 127 ft.

Length: 1,020 meters or 3,350 ft.

Cost: Rs. 5,267.90 million

Sabakzai DamSabakzai-Dam

Started: 2004

Completed: 2007

Located on: Zohb River

Height: 34.7 m or 114 ft.


Length: 395 m or 1,296 ft.

Cost: Rs. 1.4 billion

Gomal Zam DamGomal-Zam-Dam

Started: June 2007

Completed: June 2015

Located on: Gomal River

Height: 133 m or 437 ft.

Length: 231 m or 758 ft.

Cost: Rs. 18,056.060 million

Allai Khwar DamAllai-Khwar-Dam

Started: June 2003

Completed: March 2013

Located on: Allai Khwar River

Height: 51 m or 167 ft.

Length: 88 m or 289 ft.

Cost: Rs. 15,669.76 million

Duber Khwar DamDuber-Khwar-Dam

Started: June 2003

Completed: December 2013

Located on: Duber Khwar Dam

Height: 32 m or 133 ft.

Length: 202 m or 663 ft.

Cost: Rs. 22,208.1 million

Warsak DamWarsak-Dam

Started: 1949

Completed: 1960

Located on: Kabul River

Height: 76.2 m or 250 ft.

Length: 140.2 m or 460 ft.

Cost: Rs. 156 million

Khanpur DamKhanpur-Dam

Started: 1968

Completed: 1983

Located on: Haro River

Height: 51 m or 167 ft.

Length: N/A

Cost: Rs. 1,352 million

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