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Teacher charged with sexual assault of a 15 year boy


Plant City, Florida: On Friday teacher at Turkey Creek Middle School was arrested on allegations of  having sexual relation with one of her student.


Megan Connors 30- year old started his relation with the student between January and February of this year. Relation started from kissing and touching the soft parts of the body of each other.

Later, this relation leads to sexual intercourse; Connors set her relation with 15-year boy.

Connors, the math teacher is accused of having many sexual sessions with the victim-student in last month.

She is also alleged of taking student away from class to have sex. They even once left the school in teacher’s personal car to have sex in victim’s bedroom.


According to the officials teacher will be fired from her job and may lose her teaching license.

Connors was arrested whn she was at home when arrested at Hillsbourough County Orient Road jail, where she is being held without any bond.

Still now inspection is going in the regard, to know about any more student-victim.

Teacher profession is given respect all across the globe, but such black spots on this profession would make it disgraceful. On the similar end it is alarming situation for parents to know about activities of their child, and this matter should be resolved as soon as possible.

Wrong meaning of freedom leads to ‘sex’, and this would create destruction, nothing more.

Alarming situation!

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