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The month of October could be disturbing for human mind


Research says that human can use his mind with full enthusiasm throughout the 11 month, but the month of October could be perplexing for human brain.


According to the Howards Medical School, human begins to feel more fatigue during the month of October. That is why, undesirably, he gets predominated by sleep.

It is said in the research that ‘days’ begin to get smaller and ‘nights’ longer in the month of October, which’s why the duration of ‘light’ gets reduced; which not only affects the routine affairs but the duration of ‘sleep’ also gets affected.


The research says that due to the disorder in life events, people begin to feel mentally worn out which does agitate the human mind.

Moreover, in the light of the study, the disorder in the duration of sleep could also have a direct effect on human mind.

However, human being remains happy and healthy, if he/she gets sleep as usual.

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