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Mexican man hunts Markhor in Chitral with Rs 10m permit


Chitral: A Mexican man on Saturday hunted the Kashmir Markhor in Toshi Shasha conservancy here.


Markhor is the National animal of Pakistan, foreigners are really fond of hunting especially this wild animal raises more curiosity in the minds of the hunters, it is due to its beauty.

A Mexican man paid Rs10 million as permit for hunting Markhor, aged 8 years and Markhor’s horns measured 40 inches.

Officials told that Adrian Gonzalez, Mexican man didn’t wasted his time to choose the animal of desired size.


“The Mexican national proved to be an expert hunter as he easily shot down the stout and healthy Himalayan goat from a distant range as the slippery pitch didn’t allow him to move further towards the animal,” Range officer of local wildlife department Irshad Ahmed told.

He also told that many of the hunters are supposed to visit the location for hunting in the month of March, as it is the season of first trophy hunting.

Irshad Ahmed also told that in March last year, trophy hunting was carried in the conservancy, last year when a German boy Philips Hermann, and hunted a 43 inch long Markhor.

He also told that 80 percent of the permit fee is used for the development of local community.

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