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Leopard Courier Service – Track Leopard Shipments by ID


Leopard Courier Service is one of the largest courier networks in Pakistan that is providing its services since 1983. At present it is offering its services to over 1,036 destinations where over 3,000 courier stations have been deployed.


To provide the customers of LCS the better service and managing the system of inward organization, LCS is also offering the online shipment tracking system by which the sender can track the his shipment regarding either it has been dispatched and if yes then where it is. In case of received by the receiver, it will display the received that and the name of receiver.

Process of Leopard Courier Tracking

Step 1: In order to track your shipment, navigate to official website of LCS from here: Leopard Online Courier Tracking. It will look like as:Track


Step 2: Enter your eight digit ID mentioned on receipt and click on Track.

Step 3: Your delivery status will be shown up. If it is in process then you can move to notification option where you can select notification type and then LCS will notify you via notification type (SMS/Email) selected by you.1234564

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