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Lawmakers’ assets will be visible


A great number of Pakistanis desire to have known the property and assets of those whom they elect as their representatives. Many rumors are to be heard about the assets of these politicians who decide the fate of nation after legislating in the House.


To resolve this issue, Election Commission of Pakistan has decided to put asset details of lawmakers on its website after October 15.

Today is the last date for members of the Senate, National Assembly and four provincial legislatures to file their yearly statements of assets and liabilities of their own, their spouses and dependents.


By Monday evening only 30% of the lawmakers had submitted their asset declarations. Of a total strength of 1,174, only 360 members have submitted their declarations. They compromised 55 out of 104 senators, 140 out of 342 National Assembly members, 63 out of 371 Punjab Assembly members, 53 of the 168 members of Sindh Assembly, 34 out of 124 members of K-P assembly and 15 out of 65 members of Balochistan Assembly.

On September 26, ECP had said that it has received the asset details of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

On July 9, the poll body had issued a notification, asking all lawmakers to submit details of their assets by September 30.

ECP had said that if lawmakers fail to submit the details, their membership from the relevant assembly would be suspended.


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