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Is BOL TV ready to make comeback with aim of everything #PehleSeBhiZiada?


BOL TV, which was all set to on-air around 15 months back is once again back in the business as CEO BOL Shoaib Shaikh and others on bail from Sindh High Court and subsequently Islamabad High Court due to lack of evidence against them in Axact alleged fake degree case.


BOL TV already made headlines due to their lucrative offers and packages to the employees, though now after Shoaib Shaikh’s comeback they aim to take things yet again to next level with aim of everything #PehleSeBhiZiada.

In a special message to all the employees and stakeholders CEO BOL Shoaib Shaikh asserted:

Pehle se bhi ziada Salaries,
Pehle se bhi ziada Benefits,
Pehle se bhi ziada Facilities,
Pehle se bhi ziada Employment,
Pehle se bhi ziada Studios,
Pehle se bhi ziada Rozgar through Vehicle Branding,
Pehle se bhi ziada DSNGs,
Pehle se bhi ziada Offices,
Pehle se bhi ziada Faces,
Pehle se bhi ziada HD Picture Quality,
Pehle se bhi ziada Competition,
& Most Importantly,


Pehle se bhi ziada Determination towards achieving our vision of a Positive & Prosperous Pakistan.


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