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I bribed to save my son: Malik Riyaz


Malik Riyaz said that he has only one son who was put into murder charges after he accidently hit a man to death during a race.


During an interview he raised a question that ‘whether an IG would be charged of murder or not if he killed a man on Motor Way.’ He asked that why his son was dragged into a murder case?

During this conversation with Weseem Badami, Malik Riyaz justified his giving bribe to save his son. He said that there was no way to save his only child from execution other than given money in order to protect him from murder case.


He adapted the stance that he bribed after he was not entertained by the courts that did not hear him. He also said that ‘If someone else had faced such situation, he would also have done the same.’ He said that he was compelled to adopt this way in order to save his son.

He also explained that he does respect the court and the judges despite they did not entertain him in his case.

Malik Riyaz is a business tycoon of Pakistan. He is considered to be one of the richest men of Pakistan, which is why he is always remained in the spot light.

Here is the Interview:

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