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High alert issued after the threat of Ebola Virus in Pakistan


World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a high alert to Pakistan and advises to take precautionary measures to deal with the Ebola which has recently left its devastated marks in Africa.


The federal government, soon after receiving the warning sign from WHO,
has directed all the four provincial governments to devise strategy in handling the virus. According to the reports, the four provinces are asked to establish a special Isolation Unit at airports to attend to the probable Ebola virus. Besides, the passengers will also be screened on entrances and exits. The sources said that the directions to set special medical camps at shipping ports have also been issued.

According to the experts, the Ebola virus can be moved to Pakistan from foreign countries. Moreover, the chief of National Institute of Blood Disease (NIBD) Dr. Tahir S Shamsi has informed that the chances of spreading Ebola virus in Pakistan can’t be neglected, because the travelers enter from outside of the country are not properly examined.


“Such tourists which belong to African countries should be examined even at the airport, and in the case of finding fever in any, the concerned departments must be informed,” said the Doctor.

The virus could initially be controlled be taking precautionary measures. The countries affected by this virus so far contain Sudan, Liberia, South Africa and several others.

The Ebola virus get transfer from one another through sweat, blood, sputum and tear as well. Dr. Tahir said that the fatal virus does exist in African countries till now; hence, the tourists coming from outside of Pakistan must be completely examined at the airports so that the epidemic disease could be controlled.

The symptoms of the virus include spots on the body, pain in joints and muscles, fever and discharging of blood from different parts of the body.

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