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CSS Exams in Urdu; Court Oder and Reality


LAHORE: The Lahore Court today has ordered the Federal Public Service Commission to hold CSS exams in Urdu.


Making the verdict of Supreme Court as based on its decision, LHC has ordered FPSC to hold CSS Exams 2018 in Urdu. Earlier the SC ordered the all government institutes to make arrangement to impose national language in all institutes.


The petitioner demanded from the court to order FPSC to take exams in Urdu in the recent attempt 2017. However, LHC has turned down the plea on the ground that it is not appropriate to take exams of 2017 in Urdu in a short notice period. But it has ordered FPSC to do so in 2018 attempt.

The judge held there was no denial of the fact that the judgment of the apex court was required to be implemented in letter and spirit. However, since the practice of conducting the examination in English is going on since long by the FPSC, it needs some time to shift from one language to another. The matter has already been taken up by the FPSC with the HEC.

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