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Conquered by many, but Italian mountaineer reached the summit of K2 without oxygen reserves


ISLAMABAD: Tamar Lunger, one of the seven women on a K2-climbing task, conquered the 8,611 meters high mountain on July 26 without any oxygen reserve.


It had been her dream since she was 15 to climb more than 8,000 meters peak.

“I guess one of the reasons why I chose to climb K2 was because it is the hardest to conquer,” said 28-year-old Italian mountaineer, who scaled her third 8,000 meters plus mountain.

K2 was not on the list this year. It was a last minute decision to come to Pakistan to climb after a friend made a random offer to join his expedition against the wishes of my friends, who had described the country as a hostile territory,” she said.

She had been training for a year for the climb. When they happened to come to K2, she and her team members went up as an expedition without porters, and carried their own gear.

“It really took a toll on us, especially carrying our gear from camp II to camp III. I got so exhausted that it seemed impossible to push ahead, and I thought I was done carrying the backpack that weighed around 30kgs,” said Ms Lunger, who is a trainer, an ice skier and works as a waitress.


As if not physical turmoil was not the fatigue, she recalled, the mountain became mentally challenging too.

She saw a companion falling and wounding himself, something that could make many think twice and retreat.

But since she had much fascinated by the mountain it was sufficient to encourage her.

After getting acclimatized, it took her four days to climb from the base came to summit.

“It took us 15 hours to climb from 7,900 meters to cover a distance of over 700 meters to the top of the second highest peak. We left the camp past midnight. Surprisingly, the weather was exceptional, which is a fundamental factor when climbing K2. We have one or two windows in a climbing season, each window offers about three to four days of clear skies to reach the summit,” said Ms Lunger, who described Pakistan as a great climbing destination, and looking forward to returning again.


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