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saved in 2022 US Grand Prix From Formula 1Who saw him win again Max Verstappen (Already a world champion for the second time), it’s time to move on to the next round of the season, however we won’t have to wait long.

In fact, to tell the truth, in fact there will be no waiting: already this weekend Mexican Grand Prixthe race at home for the Red Bull driver Sergio Perez; The show will not be missing, also for the wonderful setting of the audience who, as usual, will flock for the whole weekend (most of them, of course, only support Chico).

Just as in Austin, the . file Another free training session will last longer than usual: will last, in fact, 90 minutes instead of traditionalists 60, to make room for teams 2023 Pirelli tire test. However, compared to what happened in the Circuit of the Americas, there will be something new.

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In Austin, I experienced the difference solid tires (although the compound was not known), while in Mexico soft frames. The rules do not change about who will give the other pilots the opportunity to carry out FP1: in this case, i Regular pilots They will be able to use the first part of FP2 to run regularly on the track.

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