Other developers leave 343 Industries to move to NetEase –

Some other items in view 343 industries Decided Leave the company for Switch to NetEase And in particular within Jar of Sparks, the new team founded by Jerry Hawk, who was the head of design at Halo Infinite.

As we’ve seen, Jerry Hook, Head of Game Design, left 343 Industries in May to lead the new team Sparks Jar Inside the Chinese giant NetEase, it obviously also brings with it other items of great importance in 343 Industries.

Among these, we find creative director Paul Crocker, who previously worked on Batman: Arkham, former producer Greg Stone, who also worked on Doom 2016 and game director Steve Dick. With the Halo Infinite support work entrusted to the rest of the team, who are currently working on the co-op campaign and Forge, it’s clear that these elements that guided the creative part of development are looking for new stimuli in a new adventure.

At this point we’re waiting to see what’s in development at Jar of Sparks, as obviously a very interesting and fantastic team. experts In various fields of work and shooting. With a giant like NetEase behind it, the project can be a lot of fun.

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