OSS was sent home by a private company to perform ECG scans and other diagnostic investigations. Is it legal? –


Today we receive a report from a reader that invites us to think about what the community will achieve Meridia HealthWho will send it Social health operators To perform diagnostic examinations at the patients’ home.

Social health operators They were called in for diagnostic examinations (locating the EKG and Holter monitor) at home on patients / users with the help of a well-known Italian private company.

This is the Meridia Health, Which has apparently set up an online diagnostic inquiry / reservation system that he will use we instead of Nursing or other health professionsIn defiance of all regulations regarding professional responsibility and safety of care.

When a reader’s report arrived at the editorial office, we didn’t want to believe it and immediately thought of it as fake news. Instead, unfortunately, it’s all true!

On the website for Meridia Health Indeed, we read that: “The logistics network and more than twenty years of experience of Meridia Consortium, together with the consolidated knowledge of Cardio On Line Europe, give life to a project aimed at ensuring, within the scope of services provided, new services of high specialized value with the help of medicine In fact, thanks to the team of Social health workers Based on Cardiologists Always at your disposal it is possible to do – without waiting lists and in complete safety – ElectrocardiogramAnd the Heart Holter e Holter presses, Efficient and timely direct to your home. “

OSS who conducts such important diagnostic investigations without possessing the skills? This is!

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The Social health operators They have no competence in the field of diagnostic investigations of this type and of all other types and can only apply them in support of the nurse and for the specific technical measures ascribed by the latter.

Now we are just hoping for a mistake by the company in pointing outwe As a performer of the diagnostic investigations listed on the site, even if the same reader confirms that a social health worker has arrived at his home for an EKG.

It is now clear that we are awaiting an exact copy of the Meridia HealthWhile we ask for intervention FNOPI Based on FNOMCeO To clarify what is happening.

Crazy stuff!

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The OSS is prohibited from taking ECGs, but a nurse can help.

OSS Professional Profile. State and Territory Agreement of February 22, 2001. Areas of Work and Skills.

Erry, OSS: “In the ambulance we can perform an ECG, insert intravenous and bladder catheters, and implant solutions as if we were in Switzerland.”

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