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Orlando – New worlds to explore, new heroes to discover, page after page, on the firstMagazine-Hotel
” In the world.

Il Magazine: Orlando It is the first magazine in the world, designed to be “populated”: a magazine / hotel that offers a cultural break for its guests / readers, to break the craze every day. Imaginative hotel: Within its rooms and corridors, Orlando and its lobby boy Mr. O are ready to welcome sensitive and inquisitive travelers, explorers of the contemporary, and constantly hear the evolution of styles, languages, and trends. Our readers are constantly looking for inspiration and wonder and Orlando is the entertainment they yearn to find.

structure The Imaginary Hotel allows the reader to move between the various thematic floors to entertain himself with his guests:
Contemporary Artists, Designers, Musicians, and ActorsAnd the Winemakers and artisans.

The ground floor located in Restaurant And the
Hotel: Here the reader can stay on readings related to the world of food and drink, the magic of the gardens and mazes.

The 1 floor The Library And the Exhibition hall: Piano Highly recommended for those who want extraordinary reading tips and discoveries of amazing contemporary artists.

The 2 floors The reader will finally be able to rest in the wings from
the design A detailed lesson, where you can browse in-depth information on architects, interior designers, and the world of materials and fabrics. We’ll make sure someone brings them room service!

These are just a few examples of what you can find in our magazine / hotel.

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“ Reading you will meet
To something that will be
And still no one knows what it will be. “

Italo Calvino

The name: Literature is the root of our publishing project, and for this reason Orlando Its name goes back to two literary heroes: Faris Ariosto the hero “Furioso” and Virginia Woolf for Eternal Youth champion. The journal’s “wrath” is represented by ceaseless expressionist research and the multiple sectors of interest: it’s a maze like Furioso and dichotomous like the Orlando Wolf.

who are we: The Orlando Project is the first producer of Tayseor, Independent publishing houseFounded it
Antonella Pesceto, Which aims to produce large-sized art books and discover new personalities in the artistic and cultural field.

Intent of Missouri It is the shedding of light on a cross-section of contemporary culture and society that leads to a contemplation of beauty in all the nuances and calls to social and human thinking. Interactivity is an important component of Tessiore’s philosophy: the reader will be captured in another dimension, as it will be entertained by special effects, unusual entries, surprising dimensions and packaging. Finally, sarcasm is the spirit in which Tessiore proposes himself to his audience, asking himself every time and asking readers to do the same: playing around so you don’t take yourself too seriously and “knowing you don’t know” leads to creative inspiration Expressionist research that is fearless more Audacity experiments.

Trial number /Issue 2. Orlando has kept its good name as a lost knight and has already launched with a “beta” number in November 2020, which has won acclaim in many countries around the world.

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L ‘Issue 2, Distributed through a select network of
at Europe, UK, China, USA and Japan, It will be available starting from
June 2021.

Among the personalities interviewed: The universal designer Patricia Urquiola, visual artist
Nadia Al Kaabi LinkItalian content Francesco Miele, Plant artist
Satoshi KawamotoNew York artist Richard onlyThrough the extraordinary and emotional outlook of our editorial team.

An extensive editorial activity offers its readers exclusive content, expertly rewritten and graphically translated by
TheWorldOf DotAnd the One of the best Italian graphic studios, and printing depends on it
Melanie DrawingsAnd the Global excellence in this sector.

The Orlando Hotel awaits its guests every semester A new multi-sensory journey through contemporary wonders.

The hotel welcomes you

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