Orlando Bloom reveals what Katy Perry’s daughter looks like

Orlando Bloom He enjoys paternity.

The 43-year-old star He welcomed his daughterDaisy Dove with her fiancée Kate Berry In August, as many parents do, he spent some time pondering whether or not the newborn looked like him or her mother.

Bloom apparently appeared during an episode ofThe Ellen DeGeneres ShowHe talked about it.

“[She’s] Basically my little Leaning Tiny Little Leaning Mom Katie, “gushed.

Orlando Bloom says he’s excited to have a dad’s little girl with Katie Barry

DeGeneres said that she particularly received a picture of the child from Perry, and noticed that Daisy’s eyes looked like those of a pop star.

Blum agreed, saying, “Yes, eyes are like them.” “It was funny because when I first came out, it was like, ‘Oh, me, it’s a miniature of mine,’ then, luckily, I got Katie Blues’s music, and it’s perfect.”

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Then the star repeated that little Daisy looks like his mom, too.

The star joked, “I got a little flustered because Katie suckling this mini cut my mom … I said, ‘Who will you look like next? “

Bloom also revealed that his daughter is a relatively soft infant and sleeps through the night.

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“It’s always practical, you know, when it’s young [babies] It comes into the world and then goes back to their baby’s weight because they lost a little bit of the baby’s weight in the process, “he remembers.” But she’s now at the weight of her baby and sleeps nine to six, it’s unbelievable. “

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