Orbital station, a map of where it could fall according to the Russians: does the danger really exist?

Putin’s plan does not seem to have limits and it could include the conflict that Russia has now drawn up as well space stations In orbit, or so it seems.

It seemed like propaganda, and the news sows more threats, but now Dmitry Rogozin, director of the Roscosmos space agency, makes a stern plea for them to come withdraw penalties given to Russia. In fact, these threaten to send supplies to the International Space Station and that without the risk of falling to Earth.

NASA and other space agencies should consider this warning, as it is not expected to beIssue It is located on Russia but on other continents.

What is ISS?

It was established in 1998 and is still under construction today. International Space Station (number) It is a large laboratory orbiting in space; It moves around the Earth at an altitude of 400 km and at a speed of 28,000 km / h.

The most interesting and valuable aspect of the International Space Station is that to maintain the operation of the space station and related research projects, several countries cooperate together: Europe, Japan, Russia, the United States and Canada.

International Space Station astronauts live aboard the station year-round to conduct science experiments, monitor the space station’s systems, and collect any spare parts from Earth.

The activity of the International Space Station is of great importance because it benefits the entire planet. In fact, the projects of interest offer potential applications in the fields of Health, clean energy and environmental protection.

Why should the International Space Station fall?

As we just said, the International Space Station is an intergovernmental project run by the space agencies of several countries: European (ESA), Canadian (CSA-ASC) and Japanese (JAXA).

But the main partners are the US NASA and the Russian space agency Roscomos, who are interested in the most important units. Russia, in particular, is responsible for controlling thrust, which is necessary to move the ISS, especially in the event of space junk or other obstacles that must be diverted on a collision course.

It is not difficult to predict the consequences of a lack of supply: the danger is from a ditching or landing from the space station.

The sanctions imposed on Russia for its attack on Ukraine have affected the technology and space sectors in particular. But Dmitriy Rogozin, The Director General of the Russian Space Agency (Roscomos) is very strict about this and warns that these measures can do more harm than good: in fact it would not be possible to send Soyuz shuttles that supply the orbital laboratory and this would cause the ISS to fall, but Not on Russia.

Where could the International Space Station be located?

According to an expert in celestial mechanics, Jonathan McDowell at the moment “There is no danger of the space station falling to EarthThe ISS orbit was corrected, in fact, on March 11 by a Russian Progress cargo, meaning that the ISS site is secured for at least another two or three months.

But what will happen once this period is over?

Until a month ago, the International Space Station was expected to come to a spectacular end: As with other space stations before it, the International Space Station was supposed to conclude its 30-year journey in 2031 with Retreat in the Pacific Then it plunges into the most inaccessible and remote points, a kind of spacecraft graveyard called “Ponto Nemo” in honor of Captain Jules Verne Nemo. But now with supplies in short supply, it’s hard to predict what its end will be and the risks on the ground associated with it.

Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of the Russian Space Agency, warns that 500 tons of the International Space Station may fall onto the deck.India or on China. That is why he was the first to launch an appeal for a reassessment of Russia’s envisaged sanctions plan. Neither Putin nor his country will lose.

What is the current situation?

On March 1, NASA was trying to find a solution to keep the International Space Station in orbit without Russia’s help. Although there is a risk of falling, there are currently no impacts, and NASA is taking the time to find a solution.

Official Spokesperson for NASA Joshua Finch Announce:

“NASA continues to work with all its international partners, including the Russian space agency Roscosmos, to ensure the safety of operations on the space station.”

What is certain is that we will have to set our eyes at the end of the month when two Russian and two American cosmonauts are expected to return via a Russian Soyuz capsule to Earth.

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