Oranges, never eat them before going to bed: Here’s what can happen

Orange is our first ally, especially in winter, as it is excellent for colds and fevers thanks to its properties. But did you know that you will never have to take it before going to bed? Incredible, what could happen can be imagined.

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the Orange is our ally For cardiovascular, skin and immune system health. This fruit has many properties that help us fight the flu as well. However, we advise you to never take it before going to bed, because what might happen is that you will not like it: Let’s find out more.

When should you eat oranges? Truth

Eating seasonal fruits every day should be part of our eating habits. In particular, oranges contain many vitamins and properties that are beneficial to our health, such as Vitamin C Which strengthens the body’s immune system.

If you are used to eating oranges every day, eat a good amount of them Antioxidants and mineral salts. But when should you consume them? Recommended during the day, not before bed. Pay close attention to these details, as they should not be underestimated at all. You will be surprised why: let’s find out more.

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Never eat oranges before bed: the reason

Why do you never eat oranges before bed? The reason will blow your mind. This fruit contains a large dose of fructoseTherefore, if you take it after dinner, this sugar will never be used up and will be stored in your body, turning into fat.

For those who follow a food track It is not recommended to eat fruits after dinner, so it is not recommended to eat even oranges. But there is another reason why you should give up this delicious fruit before bed.

L’orange It’s really so heavy to digest it in the evening. Some research by experts revealed that it can slow down digestion. Also, the acidity of the juice is not good at all for those with stomach problems.

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Like all citrus fruits, oranges can cause gods Strong heartburnEspecially in the evening. So also avoid lemons or tangerines. We advise you to eat these foods apart from meals, in fact it would be best to have them as a snack or for breakfast, so that you can eat all that is great. Feature From citrus fruits, without storing fructose.

Moreover, it is always better to eat it raw, as cooking can destroy all the benefits. You can prepare some simple and quick recipes, in fact, oranges are excellent flavor Lots of dishes. We remind you that it has detoxifying and slimming properties as well. It is important to eat fruitsBut it’s also essential to know when to take it to avoid heartburn or other small annoying problems.

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