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Lucia da Rold, Deputy Mayor of Ponte Nel Alpi and Vice President of the Province with powers to build schools, welfare, volunteer and social work, and equal opportunity.

Belluno, December 22, 2022 – About three months after the works ended, the ribbon was cut this morning at Calvi’s gym. The building, attached to the Institute of Accountancy, has undergone a series of adaptation and redevelopment interventions that have made it practically new. “An investment of just over one million euros, with the aim of guaranteeing space for sport for the students of the Calvi Institute, but also for the benefit of local sports clubs,” confirms Lucia da Rold, District Councilor. Responsibility for building the school.


The Calvi gym redevelopment project was approved at the end of 2020, while works began in May 2021. Initially, it included seismic adaptation and energy efficiency works, with the installation of thermal film and new windows. At the end of 2021, it was decided to expand the project and proceed with its adaptation to public entertainment, with interventions in the engineering of the factory and the electrical part of the building.

“The works were completed at the end of summer 2022 and with the start of the school year, Calvi students were able to use the renovated gym,” explains Counselor Da Rold. “The district is intervening in various school structures, to provide welcoming and safe spaces for children, teachers and all school staff.”

On the sidelines, the new library, named after former student poet Francesco Piemonte, was also inaugurated. The book collection finds space in a renovated space thanks to a project designed and implemented by the school, which saw a collaboration between various local companies and a regional contribution of €15,000, used for light building interventions and a new palette.

«The library and the gym – emphasizes the President of the Territory, Roberto Padrín – are two important spaces in the development of children, which intervene in two complementary aspects of training. So today is a day of celebration for the Calvi Institute which opens up not only two areas, but new horizons for the future of this school and its students.”


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