Opening of the 2021 Serpentine Pavilion in London

09/06/2021 – 20 crooked wingDesigned by South African studioستوديو counter spaceIt will open to the public on June 11.
Sumaya Valley, at the helm of the studio, is the youngest architect commissioned for this world-famous architectural project.

“My architecture and this suite” I have announced Sumaya Valley It focuses on amplifying and collaborating with multiple and different voices from different stories; with an interest in themes of identity, community, belonging, and grouping.
The past year has highlighted these issues so vividly and given me space to reflect on the incredible generosity of the communities that have been such an integral part of this pavilion. This has given rise to several initiatives working to extend the duration, scope and scope of the pavilion beyond its actual term.”

Therefore, the design of the pavilion draws on past and current meeting places in various London boroughs that are important to the sometimes contested communities, including Brixton, Hoxton, Tor Hamlets, Edgware Road, Barking, Dagenham and Beckham.
In response to historical erasure and the dearth of informal community spaces across the city, the pavilion points out and pays tribute to the still-standing and erased places that have united communities over time and continue to do so today.
These include: some of the oldest mosques built in the city, such as the Fazl Mosque and East London Mosque, and co-op bookstores including Centreprize, Hackney; Leisure and cultural sites including The Four Aces Club on Dalston Lane, The Mangrove Restaurant, and Notting Hill Carnival.
The forms of the pavilion are the result of the abstraction, superposition and intersection of architectural elements that differ in scales of intimacy, translating the forms of London into the pavilion structure in Kensington Gardens. When these forms meet, they create a new meeting place in the pavilion.

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The pavilion is built from recycled steel, cork and wood covered in micro-cement. The different textures and shades of pink and brown were taken directly from London architecture and indicate changes in the quality of light.

For the first time in the history of this initiative, four parts of the pavilion were placed elsewhere in the city that inspired the design of the pavilion: one of the first black publishers and booksellers in the UK New lighthouse books In Finsbury Park, a multi-purpose venue and community center The tent In Notting Hill, The Arts Centre Albanian in Deptford and the new Becontree Forever Arts and Culture Center at the Valence Library in Barking and Dagenham.

Born as a gesture of decentralization of architecture to include many voices, I crumbs The principles upon which the pavilion was designed extend to the city.

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