Open the Steam page, without dubbing in Italian –

Square Enix opened the page steam from foresbookand invite all PC users to put it on their wish list. It is interesting that there is no Dubbing in Italian.

Unfortunately, there is currently no particularly new information about the game, however, there is noExit In the spring of 2022, at a date yet to be determined. For the rest, it can’t be booked yet and there are no system requirements.

let’s read Official description By Forspoken:

Without knowing how Frey Holland is transported from New York to the picturesque land of Athens from which she cannot escape. With a magical and sentimental bracelet inexplicably wrapped around her wrist, Frye discovers she can cast powerful spells and use magic to traverse the vast landscapes of Athens. Frey calls her new metal companion “Cuff” and tries to find her way back home.


Beautiful and cruel open world
Explore the life-filled worlds of Athena, a breathtaking land filled with stunning landscapes and exotic creatures brought to life using beautiful graphics and cutting edge technologies.

An arsenal of customizable spells
Face devious monsters in magical battles with a wide range of powerful abilities that adapt to different gameplay styles, from the fastest and most exciting to the most strategic and methodical.

Intuitive and magical parkour
Climb walls, jump across valleys, jump from dizzying heights, and run across vast landscapes. Frey’s unique abilities allow her to traverse the open world with ease.

Forspoken Steam . page

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