“Open the door” They were about to take off but what he sees forces him to scream

A man in flight throws a panic. Thanks to what he sees, he starts screaming to open the door. Just as they were about to take off.

Man screaming on a plane –

Traveling is a favorite activity for many people, allowing you to reach many destinations. Perfect for a totally relaxing holiday. Many prefer to take advantage of airplanes, as they are faster and allow you to get to destinations, even remote ones In a really short time. It is important, during flights, to respect some rules for everyone’s well-being.

The story we are going to see today depicts a man who was on a plane but caused a great panic. He starts seeing something that makes him scream to open the door right away. All while the plane is about to take off.

This guy causes panic on a trip

Never panic while flying. This could harm the safety of all passengers, as well as the safety of all flight personnel. It’s the exact opposite of what happened on one flight in particular.

Today’s protagonist is a man, on June 30 he was at Zadar airport in Croatia. He arrived rather early, the ground service crew stated, because he had a little anxiety, and wanted all the checks to be done in time. Thus, you do not risk missing the flight. Airports, as we already know, are heavily monitored, and inside as he waited to board, everyone declared he had acted more or less normally.

He sat in an armchair, waiting for check-in to open so he could get on the plane. He was reading a book and was on his mobile phone to watch some videos. This is what was said after the testimonies of some witnesses of the ground crew.

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The call to open the gate arrives, but he hears it too late, so he queues to advance among the last ones. They saw slightly altered behavior in him, but thought maybe it was the classic nervous attack, of someone like him wanting to get on the plane first and sit down. The man’s flight takes off from Zara and heads to Gatwick, London.

People on a flight –

In fact, he was there at Zara exclusively for vacation and today he is going back to his city. He is 27 years old, and by profession he is a professional boxer and boxer.

He finally managed to board the plane, took his seat and waited for all the passengers to take their seats. Ryanair flight was on time, But when they closed the hatch and the flight attendants began to explain the rescue Everything changes, the man suddenly gets up to find himself in front of the door, and shouts to open it immediately.

The truth is just this

Without realizing it, this 27-year-old within seconds unleashed panic on that flight, as everyone simply wanted to remain calm.. After getting up from his seat, he headed to the front door shouting to open it immediately. Not all the staff knew how to act, they tried to calm him down and make him go back to his seat, but there was absolutely nothing they could do.

All passengers were alarmed, and the captain was unable to start takeoff. It was not possible in this situation to stay in the air and try to leave. Other passengers stood up and helped the staff seat him.

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Unfortunately, no one can make this man calm down. The flight starts to get delayed, and no one can feel any more relaxed, even those who have lost touch. It’s a really embarrassing situation. One of the passengers became impatient and immediately called the police, with the approval of one of the flight attendants.

Airport police appeared on the plane within seconds. At that moment the man was finally banned and arrested. This was really inappropriate behaviour. That’s right, he’s a professional boxer, but in this case he was the first to be kicked out

Causing panic in flight –

The reason for this behavior is not yet well deciphered, it is simply believed that it was simply a matter of his personal nervousness. Or it was another passenger who provoked her, and got into a serious argument with him.

Another passenger filmed everything that happened and then posted the video to TikTok. The video went viral there, and in fact it sparked many positive and negative comments as well. Especially why did they take so long before calling the police. But the answer is very simple, Because the crew is also trained to stay calmthen try is to let them have it.

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