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Among the protagonists of the project to redesign the new Arena Garibaldi – coinciding with the arrival of Alexander Canaster – was the most powerful name of the “Legends International” group. A sports and entertainment company, duplex based in the US and UK, is famous for restructuring large European stadiums, accompanying companies such as Tottenham in London, Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​among many others. President Corrado returned to talk about this aspect, picturing the current situation: “Myths is an international investor – explains -. The development company that took care of the project (Alessandro Pasquarelli’s Yard ed.) fancied accepting their proposal to have a partner in the building activity of the funders group and this is still valid.” The arrival of the Russian-American billionaire partly changed the scenario: “Naster’s entry into Pisa brought a pause for thought, because we know that he also had other relationships and / or funds interested in participating in the process. What is certain, we will certainly have important partners for the process. ” Corrado also confirmed that it would be possible, as an exception, to play Serie A in the ring, but it would still be necessary to start work on the field: “Serie A in the Arena yet? This can be done with exceptions, but it will be limited. Hopefully. That the harassment can be contained within a few months.”

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