Open fiber, in Syracuse + 120% requests for fiber lines

Rome, March 3 – (Adnkronos)

At Syracuse, the demand for connection has more than doubled within a year. This is confirmed by the data for activating the entire telecommunications lines with optical fibers recorded by Open Fiber: between February 2020 and today, In fact, the increase in super broadband systems installed in homes, offices and private companies in Sicily exceeded 120 percentage points.

Syracuse was one of the first cities in Italy to be equipped with an ultra-broadband network Fully fiber-optic from Open Fiber manufacture, the company’s intervention led by CEO Elisabetta Ripa for nearly a year has been completed, thanks to the 50,700 property cables resulting from a private investment fully borne by Open Fiber equal to € 5 million.

Consequently, the citizens of Syracusean, from Ortygia to the peripheral regions, were able to face the restrictions of the lockdown thanks to the modern infrastructure: the telecommunications network in FTTH (Fiber to the Home) mode allows them to reach 1 Gbps connection speed And the latency of less than 5 ms, the performance is able to provide the best support services that have become indispensable such as smart work and distance education. Open Fiber is a wholesale company only, that is, it creates and makes infrastructure available to all national and local operators under non-discriminatory technical and economic conditions. Currently there are more than 30 operators marketing services on the high-speed network created in Syracuse: if citizens want to request activation, it is necessary to check the site. coverage.

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