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Opel is considering an exciting return to Australia

Opel Could return to Australia. After it was bought by the French PSA Group from General Motors in 2017, it subsequently moved to the massive conglomerate Stilants In 2021, the German brand has completely reinvented itself with a range of highly designed models that deliver electricity in almost every model.

Opel may return to Australia in the future

From the end of July, Opel will return to the Asia Pacific region via new Zeland, This is mainly due to the country’s gradual approach to electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and discounts that encourage the adoption of zero-emissions vehicles.

respect to the Opel group Sold briefly in Australia under General Motors ownership in 2012, the German manufacturer’s model range that is part of the Stellantis is now all-new, bolstered by a sophisticated design and topped with a few familiar nameplates, all using new platforms and technology.

Speaking to the Australian press, Billy Hayes, Stellantis Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, He said he was confident pushing Opel to New Zealand was a smart move, but also left the door open for a potential return to Australia at some point in the future.

“It’s under discussion now, especially with electrified versions of our cars,” Hayes said. “And you saw that we just launched Opel in New Zealand, which is absolutely perfect for our brand because of the Clean Car Rebate program that’s in there, and then next year you will also introduce a program for manufacturers.

Opel: The German home could return to Australia from where it’s been missing since 2012 thanks to its new range of electrified models

Regarding the upcoming launch of the electric vehicle charging network at Ampoule service stations across the country and the possibility of providing subsidies for electric vehicles to make them more accessible to everyone, Hayes said “these are all .positive signs.” And if it is achieved, “we will re-evaluate our position on the introduction of Opel in Australia”.

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