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The ethical Hassan Nisar doesn’t even know what ethics really mean [Opinion]


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Hassan Nisar might be lying among the list of veteran journalists of Pakistan and surely he would be the most respectable and ethical in eyes of the people whose agenda he’s carrying on his responsible shoulders. I would really not want to defame you(Hassan Nisar) but I would try to expose your double standards and your pity journalism.

If I am not wrong, you are quite inclined towards PTI and seems quite inspired by Chairman PTI, who is another ‘you’ with the different face.

I would not be wasting my time on just  teaching you ethics or morals, being part of the journalism I would really ask you about the boundaries of a Journalist? But I am quite sure that you would  fail to do so as you are one with uncontrollable anger and persuading others for violence. I am not denying the fact that unofficially you are listed among the top journalists of the country. But I really condemn your placement over there.

Coming on my topic, could you please tell me, why the journalist you yesterday talked about deserves a slap or two?

If you while just sitting on the TV will be telling that who deserves a slap and who deserves reward then not to forget that the way you lambaste other National leaders, the number of slaps will be difficult to count. But that day, we will strongly censure those who will be rolling your proficiency and ethics on the floor. For sure, I will be writing the same way against them, without any mercy.

Here I will be showing your uncolored or true side to the world and would really love to argue with your followers.

Hassan Nisar’s double standards

In an incident during Cricket Worldcup 2015, a news about Head Coach Waqar Younis’ scoffing a journalist made a headline. At that time the rumors were all over about Waqar’s clash with wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmad.

Waqar’s attitude towards a journalist was criticized by several analysts but what Hassan Nisar have to say was as degrading and demotivating as always.

Listen what he commented about one of the greatest bowler of Pakistan till the date. Not to forget, Waqar lies on the 7th slot in the list of most wicket takers in all formats of cricket. Waqar, combinedly in Tests and ODI’s he have got 789 wickets. For sure you would be recognizing him as a big legend in cricket.

But this is not what Hasan Nisar knows or he doesn’t possess to think before bursting.

Checkout how Waqar refused to give the answer, but do remember this was on a lighter note.

And checkout what Mr. Hassan has to say about the legendary fast bowler Waqar Younis?

And in a recent press conference, Imran Khan bashed a journalist making an excuse that you asked something really personnel, but can anybody tell me what was so personal in  the question. Khan’s outrage over a simple question which was questioning Khan’s poor decision-making power was so violent. As we all know Imran Khan is in limelight from his teenage and now as a politician he’s often giving references about Western system but can he or either his fan number 1 Hassan Nisar tell me, if the similar question would be asked, while Khan  on Trip to UK, will it be the same response and if Hassan Nisar will be along with him so will he be slapping the journalist twice or this time it will be increased to thrice?


This is how chairman PTI scolded the journalist


Hassan Nisar with offer of 1 slap, 2 Slap

And here is the perspective of the journalist?


What, even Reham Khan’s fake degree matter was also a personal one and media should not eye on that?

When its about PTI, none should say any word about them, is this something Hassan Nisar wanna tell, yeah it seems, not only Imran-Reham divorce was a personal matter even Reham’s fake degree matter was also their personal matter, this is what Hassan Nisar wanted to say.

Someday I was drunk and this is ethical


What, he even criticizes Allama Muhammad Iqbal?

The perspective of praising legends of the nation is taken as a obligation for every patriot. But what if someone criticizes our national heroes? What Hassan Nisar has done is more than criticizing, he is mudslinging the one behind setting free nation for the Muslims.

Listen what Hassan Nisar said about our national hero?

Ofcourse he is up without any logic

We can’t deny that we are emotional people and sometimes we are exploited by others for their personal cause. I know that many Pakistani people think that Hassan Nisar is a bold, courageous lad of the fertile Pakistani soil. But this is not though, anytime be focused on that, are his sayings realistic or have some logic lying within. It is just a request for all of you to support some one, whose points can be applicable in reality and some one who is really ethical.

The video linked placed are just of recent times, if I would be giving you references from all his career, for sure there would be dozens of more, oozing Hassan Nisar’s unethical agenda.

Check his views about NAB, just criticizing,  he doesn’t have any idea

Time to signout

Bye Bye ethical Hassan Nisar

Will soon be exposing others.

Writer: Hamza

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