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Nuclear Energy and humanity [Opinion]


Nations are established on the basis of norms and values, and prolonged by keeping unity. Besides unity, they need certain material to protect themselves from their enemies. In this way nations achieve power and use it for the betterment of their people and to tackle the danger of destructive elements. By having such tools or devices, which can be harmful for any creature, nations become more powerful and less afraid against their foes. This very instinct compelled the man and nations to invent weapons. However, after preparing the weapons, the man became more eager to use them to express their anger, to satisfy their ego and these weapons gradually became the sign of pride. In ancient times, handmade tools and devices were used for the concerning purposes. But with the invention of gun powder, a sort of revolution was brought about in the preparation of weapons. However, these modern weapons are considered to be more destructive and caused more lives than those weapons used in ancient times.



By the first quarter of the 20th century, the gunpowder eventually had provided the means to be developed into the invention of the weapons of mass destruction, which is called nuclear weapons in general terms. The initiatives were taken by The United States to work on the preparation of nuclear weapons in 1930s. The weapons were ultimately tested during the climax of The World War II in 1945 when America utilized these weapons against New Mexico on July 16. Consequently, the world scenario had completely changed afterward. The United States did not stop the testing of these weapons and dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6 in the same year and three days later on Nagasaki in Japan. As a result of these attacks, nearly 204,000 people were killed and 75,000 injured critically in both the cities. By the mid of the 20th century Russia, United Kingdom, France and China also achieved the Nuclear power.



Pakistan began to work on mass destruction in 1972 under the reign of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the then Minister for Fuel, Power and Natural Resources. Latter, in the same year, after becoming the ninth Prime Minister of Pakistan, he took serious steps to launch the program. On the other hand, Pakistan’s rival neighboring country India got its first test of mass destruction in 1974, which gave a new force to Pakistani leaders in the working for obtaining Nuclear power. These efforts were considerably enhanced after Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan, who got training in Germany, came back to Pakistan. However, Pakistan became a Nuclear power in May 28, 1998 responding to India’s first fusion weapon test in May 11, 13, 1998. In this way, Pakistan became the seventh country in the world and the first Muslim country that were considered Nuclear Powers.


All the Pakistani felt proud and after this historical day, which was later called as ”Youm e Takbeer”. It was the day of pride and delight and every Pakistani used to consider himself superior to other nations. However, Pakistan and its nation had to pay a huge cost for Nuclear weapons afterwards as many died and sacrificed their lives in protecting their weapon. Several allegations had been made over Pakistan in this regard from America and UN soon afterwards. During these seventeen years, Pakistan had been struggling; however, this achievement of becoming Nuclear Power was not proven fruitful, on the whole, but rather destructive for its very nation. It was built in order to be exploited for the protection of our sovereignty and ideology. But, ironically, it has been observed that great number of lives have been sacrificed in order to save that very weapon, which aimed at protecting people.

The successful testing of the atomic bombs was a mile stone and with the help of these atomic plants, a huge amount of energy could be generated at the cheapest cost as compared to that of fossil and fuel energy. Besides, it could also help in the production of electricity at the minimum cost and, in this way, Pakistan could not only become capable in doing away with the current energy crisis but it can also be supplied to other countries as well, which can earn the country a massive amount of revenue.

Apart from aforementioned advantages of the Nuclear Energy, it is a self-evident phenomenon that this invention has, so far, brought about misery to the humanity. And the question arises of how much expediency has been achieved from this modern development. Has it been used for the betterment of the humanity and other creatures? If the answer is ‘NO’, the mankind raises a question about of what use of such progress and achievement, which could not bring about ease and comfort to humanity?

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