Online trading is not for everyone: ‘Beware of abusive sites’

Maximum alert for those interested in online trading. In the past two years, thanks to the closure that favored the use of the Internet, the scams against savers who decided, from the comfort of home via a PC or smartphone, to invest their money in securities and currencies using the web. Number one above all makes us understand what we’re talking about: As of July 2019, when the National Corporation and Stock Exchange (Consob) was given the power to order the blocking of websites for abusive financial intermediaries, a total of 485 fraudulent platforms have been blocked. “The trap of abusive online trading has thrown many families to the curb, including those in Bergamo – highlights Mina Bossi, President of Adiconsum Bergamo, CISL Consumer and Environmental Advocacy Association. Fraud is growing on very fertile ground: a lack of financial literacy which still affects a large part of the population. We must be very careful because illegal financials are developed through professional looking websites, with graphics and figures that suggest the imagination of the stock exchange. But if authorized online trading is a serious investment activity ( Although it is not risk-free and requires proper preparation, time and deep financial knowledge), in the case of online platforms run by professional scammers and savers who think they are buying stocks, bonds and currencies, but in fact throw their investments into a black hole, through sites that are decoys Real, designed and run by companies based in tax havens that then vanish into thin air.In such circumstances – assures Mina Bossi – recovering lost money is practically impossible. It is necessary to obtain information and check the quality of sites that offer online trading.”

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