Online gameplay dramatically improves graphics, and the cloud makes the difference –

It may not be a game for everything, but it is impossible not to admit that Asobo Studio is a true gem in terms of graphics and technology. Microsoft Flight Simulator It is a game that makes extensive use of the computers and consoles it runs on, as well as the cloud services that depend on it. with a good idea Internet connectionIn fact, Microsoft Flight Simulator not only downloads real-time weather conditions or traffic, but Significantly improves graphic display from the game.

The video posted on top of the Cycu1 YouTube channel news shows the notable improvements that can be gained through tethering Xbox Xbox X for the network. These are not simple corrections, but the map acquires a large number of details in real time, which shows the state of the city filled with more accurate measurement, the correct location of buildings and even better shadows.

From a frame rate point of view we see that the work More powerful From Asobo Studio is really cool, the game is stuck at 30fps, except for some crowded situations in downtown New York or big cities.

Our Microsoft Flight Simulator review tells us of a console version that is well packaged, capable of delivering an absolute level experience even on devices that have not historically been suitable for this type of game.

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