Onestini Gianmarco collapses and bursts into tears live on TV in Spain

Gianmarco Unestini was a guest on secret story, The a program in which his brother participates, Luca Unistini.

But something went wrong during the live broadcast. Former Jivino In fact, he burst into tears – for someone who was having a real emotional breakdown – when they asked him what he thought of the discussion between Christina Porta NS Adara MillerAnd he even decided to leave the studio. Mosul Carlos Sopra, in fact simply approached honest To ask him what he thought of the clash that had just occurred between the two women. Gianmarco He replied curtly, without thinking much: “I have nothing to say.”

The answer seemed strange to insiders and the public, further supported by the sudden exit of the younger brother Lucafrom the studio.

The boy was probably shocked that they made a surprise announcement during the evening manage Molinero, certainly much appreciated by the latter. Indeed, to find her, there was her new boyfriend – Rodri strong – With whom was the girl cheating alone at that time Gianmarco.

Once back in the studio, in fact, the ex-Givino exclaimed:

Forget that I am a person with feelings. I have weaknesses, I’m not made of cardboard, there are times when I feel bad and that’s why I’m no less than anyone else.

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