“One thought negates history.” The Pope is against the abolition of culture

Breadth in full Ratzingerie style: Pope FrancescoHe criticized, yesterday, the “culture of abolition”, which is now taking hold in the West, and which has clearly had an effect on most people.

The occasion for taking a position on this issue was the meeting of the diplomatic corps serving in the Holy See. Jorge Mario Bergoglio decided to break into the cultural debate, pointing out a method for the Catholic Church as a whole but also for Western civilization: “Multilateral diplomacy” – The Argentine Pope began, according to what he repeated italpressIt has been going through a crisis of confidence for some time, due to the declining credibility of the social, governmental and intergovernmental systems. Important decisions, announcements and decisions are often made without real negotiations in which all countries have a say.”

The former Archbishop of Buenos Aires spent all these years publishing Diplomatic pluralism As a majority doctrine, the ability to count on the practical application of this method, through the work of Secretary of State and Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Then the punch, which specifically relates to cancel culture and its branches: “As I have been able to say on other occasions – Follow the Bishop of Rome – I think it is a form of ideological colonialism, which leaves no room for freedom of expression, and which today increasingly takes the form of that culture of abolition, which is invading many regions and public institutions.” During these roughly nine years of his pontificate, the first Jesuit pope in history also identified the spread of the so-called “gender ideology” of “ideological colonialism”.

The reasons given by Holy Father They are also of an identity nature: In the name of protecting diversity – Thunder – , we end up nullifying the sense of all identity, while risking silencing positions that advocate a respectful and balanced idea of ​​different sensibilities. One thought—dangerous—is developed, forced to deny history, or worse, to rewrite it on the basis of contemporary sayings, while every historical case must be interpreted according to the interpretation of that time, and not those of today.” commented.

In short, for Jorge Mario Bergoglio, with the sword protected from the so-called minorities, we end up (or at least risk one) undermining any traditional basis of people’s culture. The creator of this devastating project is what the former Cardinal called “individual thought” without getting too carried away. For the Pope, “the future” must be “created” without “tradition being forgotten.”

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