One study measured the consequences of disease

Fatigue, depression, anxiety and other health problems appear even 6 months after contracting the virus.

Scientists are discovering more and more Side effects caused by Covid-19. Let’s talk about the effects long-termthe name of the thing “Long Covid”.

Fatigue, depression and anxiety
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This serious disease that changed our lives in many aspectsThere are still some surprises in store for us. Experts study people who have recovered and find out Persistent negative effects in certain areas of the brain.

What was easy at first ideasnow I’m Proven by scientific studies and experiments. Unfortunately, it appears that Covid is much more than a virus capable of attacking the respiratory system. Spike protein toxicity probably attacks other organs as well, leading to inflammation and causing all kinds of damage. And of course they can It changes according to the topicmore or less likely to suffer from certain health problems.

at recent days Understandably, even after recovering from Covid, we can drag certain symptoms with us. In fact, many people report feeling more fatigued, in some kind “brain fog”You get tired more easily and have trouble sleeping well.

It does not matter isolated cases, but. Unfortunately Some scientists have shown that certain effects of “long Covid” are emerging.. Here is what emerged from the latest studies.

Fatigue, depression and anxiety is the fault of Covid-19: study

Anyone who got sick with covid and recovered well knows it has very serious effects. People have reported feeling tired and broken like never before, with aches all over, as well as fever and trouble breathing.. The recovery period is often very long, with a feeling of heal but not 100%.

The Testimonials – Recommendations Some people, among other things, made the researchers wonder Why did the disease leave these “traces”? And even a very long time ago, at least in part of the affected population. Experts led Many experiences And today we report evidence of one of the last.

according to Scientists teamThe Covid affects certain areas of the brain causing a variety of discomfortswhich can also become significant from a minor.

for a number of People who have recovered from Covid And some healthy subjects (46 and 30, respectively) have even performed one A specific scan similar to an MRI of the brain. Tests were done on people who recovered within 6 months and the tests showed in these people “Abnormalities of the frontal lobe and brainstem compared to healthy controls“.

The The frontal lobe Is this part of the brain It regulates many cognitive functions. In fact, those with Long Covid report several common symptoms. Difficulty sleeping well, feeling mentally tired, memory deficits, as well as anxiety/depressive states.

It seems that recent health problems related to the harm from covid have found “In the right ventral diencephalon region of the brainstemFor starters, we remind you This part of the brain is associated with basic functions, Such as hormonal balance and the transmission of impulses to the cerebral cortex. which is then regulated Sleep-wake rhythmL’humor and the Movement coordination.

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The study So It confirms what other researchers have found, which is that Long Covid can occur for long periods of time after recovery. Further studies will be done to confirm whether or not the discomfort continues even after six months.

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