One of the most awaited features coming to iOS

In the past year, Google Maps has received several new features to improve the app that travelers love: more trip performance, the ability to pay for parking, and keeping up with new services in your vicinity.

Google Maps, one of the most popular apps for travelers (Adobe Stock)
Google Maps, one of the most popular apps for travelers (Adobe Stock)

With the latest iOS update, Google is introducing additional features that are just as important as expected to help you access them faster. There is even a dark mode to reduce eye strain And a new live location option for iMessage that can help you keep track of friends and loved ones.

Google Maps, dark mode is finally available for iPhone and iPad. here when

Google Maps new update also for iPhone (Adobe Stock)
Google Maps new update also for iPhone (Adobe Stock)

The latter allows you to share your location in real time while sending messages with a simple click of the Google Maps button. While the feature is active for one hour by default, you can choose to extend it for up to three days, or turn it off by pressing the stop button. The location in real time remembers the security features built into the calling apps, in perfect Uber and Lyft style.

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If you often use Google Maps to check traffic status, you can now enter this information directly on the app’s home screen, With a new widget. The same goes for the search bar, which lets you search for places to visit or find frequent destinations with just one click.

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Of course, quick access features are made possible by Apple’s introduction of widgets for the iPhone, thanks to the iOS 14 update launched last fall. Google Maps will finally get a dark mode on iPhone, nearly two years after Apple released “Dark Mode” as part of iOS 13.

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Dark mode is self-explanatory and can be activated via settings. Google Maps for iOS will also get two more new features in August. Specifically there are two different options: one of them will display traffic conditions near the user; The other one that offers “shortcuts” to the search bar in maps and frequently frequented places like home. A Google spokesperson outlined how to customize the shortcuts based on a variety of factors, such as location, saved places, interests, and past searches. The Mountain View giant intends to let you share your live location on iMessage; It is likely to be a useful solution as an alternative to the messaging apps that already allow this. By default, the location will only be shared for one hour, but the limit will be extended if desired by up to three days.

Google said its Maps app will introduce a “dark mode” for iPhone and iPad next week, with a iOS release on a larger scale by the end of Augustor. The update comes six months after Big G unveiled dark mode for Android.

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